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  1. About the Ashanti of central Ghana in Western Afric
  2. The Ashanti (Asante, Asanti) are the major ethnic group of the Akans (Ashanti and Fanti) people in Ghana. Read more for interesting facts about this tribe
  3. Culture of Ghana - history Infact Ghana has a rich culture through out the hole country.And especially the Ashanti culture .We have the great King of.
  4. Although historians cannot be certain about the authenticity of the ances= tral long march from ancient Ghana, the parallels in cultural Ghana. The Ashanti.

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  1. Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science Volume 24 Article 10 1970 Art and Culture Among the Ashanti of Ghana Charles E. Johnson University of Arkansas at Pine Bluf
  2. ant tribes in the West African country is the Ashanti tribe. As with most tribed, the Ashantis are a..
  3. Het territorium van het Koninkrijk van Ashanti maakt nu deel uit van Ghana. De overerfde Ashanti kroon wordt The Akans of Ghana: their history & culture, Accra.

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